Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers: A Buying Guide!

Do you love a green environment surrounding your house? You dream of having a green, lush, and healthy lawn in front of your house. However, you need to take proper care of your lawn to maintain its health. Green grasses in your lawn need nutrients, and thus, organic fertilizers can be the source of nutrients for your lawn.

Organic fertilizers protect your grass from damages and keep up their nutritional balance. Moreover, they do not cause risk to your children and animals. However, which is the best organic fertilizer for your lawn?

We have listed the most reliable organic lawn fertilizers.       

6 Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers

1. The Andersons 7-1-2 Innova Premium Organic Fertilizer

As a plant-derived fertilizer with no chemicals, this product is one of the safest options for your lawn. Manufacturers have not used manures, biosolids, composted wastes, and other animal parts. There are soy-derived granules present in the fertilizer. Your lawn will get nitrogen from this fertilizer. Plant amino acids present in the formula nourishes the health of green grass.

The specially formulated fertilizer promotes the growth of microbes to make the soil rich in nutrients. The Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium ratio of the fertilizer is 7-1-2. You may have found some fertilizers smelling bad. However, you will not have this issue with Andersons Premium Fertilizer.

The fertilizer package ensures easy application, as they have low-dust granules. While some lawn owners use a spreader, others apply the fertilizer manually. The soil will easily absorb the granules, and there is no risk of over-application of this fertilizer.

This organic fertilizer will never burn the green lawn grass. Although the weather may be dry and hot, there is no risk. You will notice results within 1 to 2 weeks. However, it is better to reapply the fertilizer every 6 to 7 weeks.


  • OMRI-listed fertilizer
  • No bad smell
  • Nitrogen released slowly


  • No issues found

2. Espoma EOLB30 

You like to take special care of your lawn during the spring season. Thus, you can buy this spring lawn fertilizer and maintain the lush green grasses. This gluten-free environment-friendly solution is safe for your lawn. You can buy one pack to cover almost 5000 sq. ft. Therefore, you can include this fertilizer in your organic gardening routine. 

Manufacturers have used feather meal, gypsum, and pasteurized poultry manure. Moreover, they have added calcium to the formula. Feather meal helps in increasing the hardiness of your turf and makes it disease-resistant during the summer months.

The presence of gypsum also minimizes soil compaction, increases airflow, prevents water run-off, and ensures better soil structure. It also dislodges the salt present in the soil. Salt can cause damaging effects on your soil, and that’s why it is important to reduce the salt content in your lawn.

Espoma EOLB30 also helps in controlling weeds in the lawn. Although it cannot kill weeds, it prevents the spread of their growth during the early spring season. It encourages the growth of grass, and thus, you will have a green environment.


  • Best spring treatment for lawn
  • Contain calcium
  • Safe for kids and pets


  • The weed prevention capacity must be stronger.

3. Milorganite 0636 Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Milorganite is a highly reliable brand in the fertilizer manufacturing industry. The uniqueness of its product is in the presence of heat-dried microbes. As these microbes have consumed organic matter, they will provide the best result.

To boost the top-growth of your lawn, you can apply this fertilizer. You will find thick, lush, green grass. The green color can become more vibrant due to the presence of 4% iron. However, you must ensure the proper usage of this fertilizer. The NPK value of this fertilizer is about 5-2-0.

The nutrient concentration of this organic fertilizer is low, and thus, you may not find the greener grass within 2 to 3 days. You have to give it some time to find the noticeable result. The grass blades will also gain strength. However, the low NPK formula has an advantage, as you do not have risks of burning your green grass.

The granular formulation is something more than fertilizer. It works as a repellent for bunnies, bugs, and deer. These animals do not like this smell. But you have to put on hand gloves while dealing with the fertilizer.


  • Manufactured with EPA’s quality standards
  • No intense odor
  • Safe for environment


  • No complaints

4. Purely Organic Lawn Food

Feed your lawn with the best organic fertilizer. This product is perfect for maintaining green sports fields. However, you may also use it for your backyard. As it is organic, your lawn grass and the surrounding environment will have no risk. Available at a low price, the fertilizer is safe for your lawn.

The fertilizer nourishes the roots of your grass, and thus, your lawn will get a high level of nutrients. Moreover, the regular use of this fertilizer will help in preventing weed growth. To have dense and balanced growth of your lawn, you can use this fertilizer.

The 25-pound pack contains a large amount of fertilizer to cover 5,000 square feet. It is easy to apply this organic fertilizer. You will find no chance of waste and no bad smell. Your lawn will be inviting to you and your guests.

In some regions, there are restrictions over the use of phosphate. That is why the NPK value of this organic fertilizer is 10-0-2.


  • Plant-based formula
  • Pet-friendly
  • No phosphate


  • Slight smelly, according to some users.

5. Simple Lawn SolutionsSuperior Nitrogen & Potash 

You can find this liquid fertilizer in differently sized packs, ranging from 1 gallon to 32 Oz. The NPK value of this fertilizer is 15-0-15. Thus, it is free of phosphorus. You may choose this product as the best nutritional supplement for lawn and other plants. When you have noticed potassium and nitrogen deficiency, you may purchase this product.

Moreover, the combination of humic acid with this formula intensifies the green color of your grass. This acid also helps in soil conditioning and the proper transfer of organic foods through cells. You will find faster growth of your plants. Due to the presence of major nutrients, grasses and plants will gain high strength.

You can buy this fertilizer for all types of grass, including St. Augustine, Bermuda Zoysia, Centipede, Buffalo, Palmetto, and Bluegrass. Thus, try out this liquid fertilizer and nourish your lawn.


  • Safe for pets and kids
  • A food-quality fertilizer
  • Easy to apply


  • Not effective for all types of grass

6. Safer Brand 9334 Lawn Restore Fertilizer

The organic fertilizer is available with an NPK value of 9-0-2, and it covers about 6,250 square feet of lawn. The absence of chemicals ensures safety to your lawn. The formula constitutes natural components, like feather meal, alfalfa, and blood meal. You will find better lawn conditions as the fertilizer strengthens the grassroots. The lawn will look greener within a few days and gain the capability to endure seasonal changes. It will tolerate cold, heat, and drought.

However, we have found different reactions from users. Some have claimed that the fertilizer is easy to use, while others have complained about the inconsistent product size. You have to check the directions for the right usage of the fertilizer. The granule size differs from dust-like small molecules to pea-sized pieces. The intensity of the grass is also different for every user.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Make lawn greener
  • Fight against fungi and pests


  • Smell of chicken manure

Guide to buying the best organic fertilizers for your lawn

Buying the best organic fertilizers may not be easy for property owners and gardeners. Still, we have tried to help you in buying the right product for your lawn.

Before talking about organic fertilizers, we need to say how they differ from synthetic ones.

Synthetic versus organic fertilizers

Both of them make your lawn beautiful. Still, they are different in some other ways. Organic fertilizers have natural ingredients and may be slightly costlier than synthetic ones. You will get a greener lawn and better soil condition. You may apply organic fertilizers for both garden and lawn.

Synthetic fertilizers have a chemical formula with water-soluble components to make your lawn greener. You will get results within a shorter time. Moreover, you will find a high accuracy level in nutrients. Still, organic fertilizers are a better choice for several reasons.

  • Make your lawn more aesthetic- Lawn fertilizers restore the health of your grass and plants. You will have a thicker, fuller, and greener lawn. A healthy lawn with bright green grass adds value to your property.
  • Reduce weeds- Organic lawn fertilizers strengthen your grassroots. That is why weeds cannot grow easily on your lawn. Prevent weed growth by having a thicker lawn.
  • Pest-resistant- Some fertilizers curb pest infestation. Your soil can resist disease and pests due to the regular use of these fertilizers.
  • Make your lawn weather- Weak grass can burn easily on hot summer days. By fertilizing them, you can make them stronger.
  • A safe choice- Organic fertilizers have no chemicals, and they will not be harmful to kids and pets. Moreover, they do not risk the environment, as they do not have detrimental components.

Organic fertilizers are of different types based on their composition and function.

Plant-based fertilizers

Compost and other plant-based fertilizers can condition your soil. Their NPK values are low, and they provide the water-retaining capacity to the dry soil. These fertilizers may contain cottonseed meal, alfalfa meal, and kelp seaweed.

Animal-based fertilizers-

They contain feather meal, manure, and bone meal. To add nitrogen to the soil, you have to use these fertilizers.  However, you must know the right usage of these organic fertilizers, as the over-application of manure will burn your grassroots.

The blood meal smell attracts animals, and thus, it may not be the right choice when you do not like unwanted creatures in your yard.

Treated Sewage

Known as biosolids, this sewage material is composted and treated. They are an eco-friendly solution. You can find them in some organic lawn foods. However, you must not use them while cultivating vegetables in the backyard.

Mineral-based fertilizers

They contain Epsom salts and calcium to provide nutrients to your soil. They also increase the pH level of the soil.

Other relevant factors in buying fertilizers

  • Know about the nutrient percentage of your fertilizers

You have to check the NPK value while buying the organic lawn fertilizer. N represents nitrogen, while P stands for phosphorus. K symbolizes potassium. By identifying the NPK value, you will learn about the percentage of elements used in the fertilizer.

These three elements are vital to grow plants. However, grasses need those macronutrients in a higher quantity. Your soil may have some amount of these elements. However, you have to supplement it by applying fertilizer. You will find healthier and better growth of grass.

Grass needs a high amount of nitrogen. Potassium and phosphorus are also valuable for your new lawn.

Nitrogen stimulates the proper growth of your plants and makes your grass color greener.  Lack of nitrogen causes chlorosis, and your grass has a yellowish-green color. Similarly, phosphorus is essential for strong root development. The absence of phosphorus slows down the growth rate of your plants.

Potassium plays an important role in protecting your grass from drought, disease, and cold. The NPK value of organic fertilizers is lower than what you find in synthetic fertilizers. As they have natural ingredients, they contain several nutrients and minerals.

You have to test your soil to know its deficiency.

  • Absence of phosphorus in some fertilizers

You can find fertilizers without any phosphorus, as it is water-soluble and pollute the waterways. In some states, there is a legal rule against the use of phosphorus. However, it is essential for your new lawns.


We have provided you with a comprehensive guide to choosing the best organic lawn fertilizers. You have to check out the ingredients used in the fertilizer. Moreover, it is important to know the way of applying the fertilizer. Fertilizers are available in both liquid and granule versions. You may buy the right one for your lawn.

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