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23 Common List of Berries

List of Berries, When you think of a berry, you imagine small, round, and plump edibles fruits that taste juicy and delicious. However, botany defines it as a fruit with pulp and seeds created from a single flower’s ovary. That definition would also classify fruits like bananas and oranges as berries. Moreover, fruits that most consider being vegetables like pumpkins and tomatoes can also be berries. However, the culinary world would disagree. For now, let’s stick with chefs and nutritionists, and let’s check out some of the most delicious and healthy berries:


Blueberries are kings amongst the dark-coloured berries group and are famous for their fleshy texture and rich sweet taste. However, their true worth lies in their nutritional value. They are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for your body. Moreover, research shows that anthocyanins, the pigment inside these berries, can also keep your eyes healthy. If you love to indulge in fried snacks, you should consume a lot of blueberries since they are known to lower cholesterol.

list of berries


list of berries

In the wild, they grow close to the ground level at bogs and have a signature sour taste that makes them a favourite for chefs and brewers. Cranberries are also packed with fibres and are rich in vitamin C that promotes body tissues’ growth and health. Drinking cranberry juice can also help you reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers since it’s rich in antioxidants like flavanones, flavonols, and anthocyanins.


list of berries

Except for their colour, blackberries look very similar to raspberries and are grown worldwide due to their popularity. They have an impressive nutritional profile and some of the tastiest berries you can eat. It is also rich in polyphenols and provides you with a lot of fibre and vitamin C on every serving. Moreover, if you live in a mountainous region, you may pick them in the wild without paying a dime for this super fruit. They are also a great source of Vitamin K that promotes bone metabolism and helps your blood clot quickly after an injury or cut.



They are some of the largest berries you can buy and are a common summer fruit that’s quite popular. Ten strawberries are enough to fulfil your daily vitamin C requirement, and the fruit can also help lower blood pressure and inflammation. This berry can also provide you with trace amounts of manganese, potassium, copper, and iron essential for your health and many activities in your body.


list of berries

Raspberries are well known worldwide due to their sweet taste accompanied by a distinct yet subtle tart flavour. They are also very healthy since they have a high amount of fibre and rather than sugar and can also provide you with a bit of protein. While they are used for juices, jams, and cocktails, you can also consume them whole with fresh cream for a rich and healthy snack.

Red raspberries on their own are a great snack and can help in weight loss. A cup of raspberries contains just around 64 calories and can fulfil over 50 per cent of your necessary daily intake of vitamin C. A cup also provides you with small amounts of copper, potassium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorous that would fulfil the necessary daily intake by about 4 to 7 per cent for each of those minerals.


list of berries

Pineberries look like strawberries with altered colours. The leaf at the top is green. However, they are mainly white with red seeds all over them. The similarities also end there. They taste nothing like strawberries and depending on the variety and where it’s grown, people describe the taste to be similar to sweet water or pineapples. The nutritional value of pineberries isn’t as high as strawberries, either. But you will get a tiny amount of vitamins and minerals from this fruit.

Acai Berries

list of berries

Acai berries have shot up in popularity due to their health benefits, but you would have difficulty getting your hands on them fresh at the market. You can always procure them in powder form rich in antioxidants and polyphenols and add them to your recipes. 


list of berries

 Their elongated shape makes them look like mulberries. However, loganberry is a cross between blackberry and raspberry and tastes similar to both of them. Since their accidental creation in the late 19th century, they have been in the culinary world and are rich in numerous beneficial flavonoids. 

Black raspberries

list of berries

They look similar to blackberries. However, they are hollow in the middle and have a fruitier taste than the tart of blackberries. They are also more beneficial than regular red raspberries since they have a higher level of antioxidants to fight various diseases. The rich fibre content and low calories of this fruit also promote a healthy digestive tract and regulate your blood sugar levels. 


list of berries

These berries are native to Russia and Northern Europe. However, procuring them in the United States is difficult due to a century-old ban. It was believed that these berries might enable the spread of a fungus that might threaten the timber industry. Those claims proved or not haven’t been able to dethrone its position as a superfood due to its rich nutritional values. However, since they need to be artificially sweetened due to their tarty taste, you can find them in jams, jellies, and juices in your supermarket.  


list of berries

Elderberries have been around for centuries, but their bitter tart taste and poisonous nature may discourage you from eating them raw. Hence, you are more likely to find them artificially sweetened in the form of jam and tea. Treats flu and cold symptoms. Packed with anthocyanins and phenolic acids that are beneficial to your body. 


list of berries

Native to North Africa, Eastern Europe, and North America, gooseberries have increased in most countries. You can find them fresh, dried, canned, or frozen and even in the form of jams. Fully ripe, they can be a bit sweet. However, most people know and love them for their sour taste.


list of berries

High in polyphenols and flavonoids, Used in various commercial drinks and powders for their health benefits. However, fresh berries also have quite a lot of extract compared to those powders and drinks and are available at a budget-friendly price. They are also great for weight control and promote healthy gut bacteria that strengthen your immunity.


list of berries

Red berries originated in Belgium and spread throughout Europe and Asia. In raw form, they are sour with a sweet aftertaste and can also be used for cooking all sorts of dishes. They don’t lack nutrients either, and high levels of anthocyanin polyphenols inside them can work wonders for your body’s natural anti-inflammatory capabilities.


list of berries

They get their name from their orange colour, which resembles that of the salmon fish. They are tiny clusters of sweet and sour balls that are more common in the wild than in the local supermarket. You can find a lot of vitamin K and A in them that keeps your heart, lungs and other organs working properly.  

Red mulberries

list of berries

In terms of appearance, they look like a longer and thinner version of raspberries. However, they are quite rare and very difficult to get your hands on. You are lucky if they grow in your local area since they are considered to be one of the tastiest berries in existence and grow in wild. They also provide you with small amounts of healthy fats and protein apart from the trace amounts of beneficial minerals and vitamins.

White mulberries

list of berries

Unlike their red brethren, white mulberries are native to China and have been rising in popularity in the United States. They are also more common compared to red mulberries and can also be found in stores in their dried form. However, it’s best to avoid that since they are higher in calories and much sweeter due to the lack of water content. Nutritionally, white and red mulberries are pretty similar, and you can expect similar benefits from them.


list of berries

They have a sharp tart flavour, and the winter berries look like tiny raspberries with an orange hue. Scandinavians have the privilege of quickly buying these berries since they are grown in that region and hard to come across in most other parts of the world. Their taste may not impress you, but their nutritional chart certainly will. Among berries, they have a high protein content, and a cup full of serving will help you meet your vitamin C needs for the day.

Goji berries

list of berries

Also known as wolfberries, these berries are a type of superfood that is easier to find in dry form than fresh. If you want to quickly meet half of your daily vitamin A needs and one-tenth of your fibre needs, you can snack on an ounce of these berries. Since you can mainly find them in dried form, expect a very sweet taste with a bitterness hint. The berry also has astronomical levels of antioxidants that can improve your overall health and slow down ageing.


The orange berry has many names – golden berries, cape gooseberries, and ground cherries. These berries’ health benefits can’t be overstated since they have high fibre content, low fat, and calories. They also boast nutrients that are great for your vision. It is sweet enough to have a tropical taste similar to pineapples or mangoes and can be added to drinks, salads, and desserts in many ways. 


The name should make their astringent taste quite evident. Eating these biter berries puckers your mouth and can leave a slight numb feeling on your tongue due to the high tannin content. While black chokeberries are easy to find, you will have a hard time looking for the red variants. They also have potent antioxidants that may have anticancer properties and booth your immunity. The vitamin C content is also on the higher side that promotes tissue health and a healthy heart.


list of berries

Despite their uncanny resemblance to blueberries, they are a completely different fruit that leans towards the tart flavour. Moreover, while blueberries witness commercial cultivation for various uses, huckleberries are primarily obtained in the wild. Hence, they are costly despite a similar nutrition value compared to much cheaper berries. However, they are rich in Calcium that promotes bone development.  


list of berries

At first glance, you may mistake them for blueberries due to their visual similarity. It’s also known as the European blueberry, and due to the difference in phytochemical content. They have a slightly sour taste, unlike blueberries.

Due to their medicinal values, they are often used to improve blood circulation and effectively treat high blood pressure and treat Urinary Tract Infections( UTIs).

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