Hydroseeding – It’s Process, Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons to both Hydroseeding and sod. You may be deciding between using sod or Hydroseeding for your yard and wondering which one is better. While both are good options, you can make an informed choice if you understand more about Hydroseeding. 

The commonly used grass seeds in Hydroseeding are bluegrass, ryegrass, native grass, fescue, centipede, Bahia, Bermuda and more.

Hydroseeding is the process of putting a grass seed, slurry mixture, mulch, fertilizer in a tank and applying it to a bare area with high-pressure distribution technology. Hydroseeding helps to prevent the soil from eroding. The grass will grow thick, and Hydroseeding generally used for large areas. This process is also known as hydro mulching or hydraulic mulch.

Growing Time

Hydroseeding is not a fast process compared to sod. You will notice the sprouts in your lawn in 5 to 10 days. Within 4 to 5 weeks, you will have grass around 3 to 4 inches thick. In a month, grass will be ready to mow if it is well maintained and doesn’t experience extreme weather conditions like storm.

Pros and Cons of Hydroseeding

This process has been around since 1940. Hydroseeding’s main advantage is to handle issues such as soil erosions. Hydroseeding Gives you more options than compared sod. People wanted to use it on their home lawns because of the variety Hydroseeding brings. Hydroseeding is now even used on sports landscaping. 

These are some points that you should know when deciding if Hydroseeding can help you.

Pros of Hydroseeding

.1 Done by Professionals

Only contractors usually do Hydroseeding with a tank distributing the mixture on the bare areas. It helps in an even and healthier lawn with professional assistance, unlike sod, which you can install instantly.

.2 Affordability

Hydroseeding is a less expensive option than sod. You will get thick and green grass without spending much money compared to sod. Sod is much more costly because you’re paying for readymade instant grass and cutting short the time hydroseeding process takes, but if you have little time, Hydroseeding will save almost 75% cost compared to sod.

.3 Healthy Lawns

As you grow your grass from step by step process, Hydroseeding will have the advantage of healthier grass than sod. As sod are an instant lawn it may not have the same long life as Hydroseeding.

.4 Attractive & Variety

With Hydroseeding, you can get many different grass types, and it’s more attractive than sod because of its variety.

.5 Resistant to Disease

Hydroseeding will make the lawn resistant to diseases. Since sod is instant grass, it has a better chance of spreading disease when uprooted from different soil.

.6 Appearance & Weather

The lawn will look natural and even with Hydroseeding. Hydroseeding can be done in the winter; depending on the temperature, it takes four weeks to germinate. The freezing weather doesn’t affect Hydroseeding.

.7 Reduces Weeds

Weeds are annoying, and Hydro seeded grass are less affected by weeds if they are rightly maintained.

.8 Strong roots

Hydroseeding will allow the grassroots to be stronger, and deep root helps in your lawn’s longevity.

.9 Safety

Hydroseeding is a safe and secure process.

These are some of the benefits of this process. Now Let’s see the cons when it comes to Hydroseeding.

Cons of Hydroseeding

.1 Uses more water

The hydroseeding process will have you watering the grass several times a day. For the first two months, you are going to need to water your lawn regularly.

.2 Delays & Damage

While Hydroseeding does take a lot of time, it is natural process. And You cannot control nature’s elements, such as heavy rainfall, that can interfere with the process.

.3 No DIY

No, Do it yourself option. You need a professional to do Hydroseeding. But there are few successful products lately that can help you to DIY.

.4 Patience is needed

You will not see results right away like sod. You will need to wait for the lawn to begin to grow in Hydroseeding.

.5 Timing & Quality

Sod lawn can be grown anytime of the year, but Hydroseeding is done mostly during Late February to October. After the Hydroseeding process, Quality may vary depending upon the various factors and will take three weeks to see some results.

Grass Seeds & soil preparation in Hydroseeding

  • The exact mix will depend on the climate and the soil type, and the type of grass you need.
  • Zoysia, Buffalo, and Bermuda are some of the most common grasses used in Hydroseeding.
  • It would be best to make sure the ground is clear, and the soil is healthy. Even though hydroseeding cost covers the soil preparation, it may cost you extra if the ground is very uneven or soil is in terrible condition.

Hydroseeding Vs Sod Comparison Table

hydroseeding vs sod
You Should hire a contractor.100% DIY is Possible
Lots of grass VarietyOnly one Variety
High Maintenance.Low Maintenance.
Takes 4 to 5 weeksInstant Lawn
Low CostHigh Cost
More WaterLess water
High resistance to DiseaseLow resistance to Disease


Hydroseeding can help you get a nice lawn if your little patient. A professional can do Hydroseeding at an affordable cost. If it is between Hydroseeding and sod, you may want to go for Hydroseeding if you want a Healthier lawn.

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