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A charming, lush lawn is no doubt a remarkable way to enhance the elegance of an area. It unapologetically makes space for a pleasant vibe to restore the freshness in you. However, let’s not ignore the fact that a beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself. One needs to spend an ample amount of time planning the best ways to keep your lawn clean and attractive. And with that, we do not just mean to mow the grass and maintain its appeal; you define ways of protection from the threatening rampant weeds that can harm the very existence of your pretty good lawn.

Altogether it might seem to be a time-consuming, energy occupying, and daunting experience to keep up with the abilities of your little garden. However, regardless of the hard work, the results are definitely going to put a bright smile on your face.

weeding exercise

While talking about a safe and clean lawn, we cannot resist the importance of constant weeding exercise, which is undoubtedly a back-breaking task to perform. Hand weeding your lawn regularly would be the last thing on the to-do list for most of the many, including us.Thanks to the weed & feed herbicides and fertilizers that have limited the task to a matter of minutes. Unlike the earlier days, when investing an entire day, measuring the lengths and pulling the weeds was the only way to eliminate such wilds. Well, the perks don’t end here.

Besides eliminating the weeds, these fertilizers leave no chance to nourish the grass, strengthen the roots and supply your yard with its much-needed nutrition. The process is as simple as applying the product to the lawn and waiting for a couple of weeks for the weeds to go off. Comfortable?

Well, don’t fall for comfort so soon as you still should explore the best among many weed & feed products available in the market. However, breath-easy as we’ll not let the weeds make space for stress in your mind. To help you choose the best, we have crafted a precisely detailed guide that talks to you about the pros and cons of the top 7 best weed & feed fertilizers in the market.

But before you purchase-

It’s good to know the guidelines before you seek the guide!

  • The process of keeping a lawn healthy and fertile goes a long way from mowing the grass, weeding the wilds, watering the field, to looking after adequate fertilization. While fertilizing might not be a constant requisite, overfertilizing your lawn can grow the grass vigorously, thereby demanding you to mow often.

Not just this, but excess fertilizing can also increase the level of salt and nitrogen level within the soil, thus causing your lawn to burn. Before you head on to explore the products, understand that a lawn, regardless of the plant type, requires to be fertilized if it genuinely lacks the essential nutrients.

  • Weed & feed products are commonly distinguished depending on two basic types- Liquid and Grainy. While the application of liquid fertilizers are not much difficult and show faster results, the granular type happens to be more economical and worth the money. The liquid ones are primarily used for a smaller lawn area than the granular ones that are used for a larger area, probably around 5000 sq. ft. On an overview, the granular versions happen to be more quality-freak, but only if you do not water the lawn after applying them in order to let the grass penetrate.

Explore the products below to find your lawn a perfect growth companion.

1. Scotts Turf Builder Weed & feed

After navigating through the entire web world, you might until now have realized the credibility of Scotts in the market. It is undoubtedly one of the finest manufacturers of weed & feed, known for its remarkable ability to remove the dandelions, clover, and any other common weeds while feeding your lawn with the requisite nutrients.

With its exceptional weed-grip technology, the turf builder works well with most of the many types of grasses, including Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, Bahia grass, zoysia grass, fescue, and Bermuda grass. However, the product is not much recommended for some of the warm season grasses like Saint Augustine grass, carpet grass or Dichondra grass.

You can undoubtedly trust the Scotts Turf Builder Weed & feed for eliminating the weeds while feeding your lawn and making it greener and bright.

USE- TheScotts turf builder is a granular type weed that you must apply using a drop, broadcast, or rotary spreader. To get the best results, use it on a wet lawn and avoid watering it for 24hrs after applying the product. Also, ensure a gap of at least 30 days between the application.


It covers around 14000sq. Ft areaIt does not work well with the Saint Augustine grass, carpet grass or Dichondra grass.
It can be used throughout the yearIt doesn’t come with a drop, broadcaster, or rotary spreader.
Works with several different types of grassesHarmful to people and pets, especially during the first 24hrs.
Provides protection against heat, drought and other stress 
Hassle-free use  

2. Preen One Lawncare 3 in 1 Weed & feed

This late product from Preen One has emerged entirely as an outcome of several treatments and testings that have made it another amazing fertilizer for your lawn. It works best at places where the weed is constantly growing and taking over the entire beauty of the lawn.

The Preen One Lawncare 3 in 1 Weed & feedcan be regarded as a preemergent herbicide that can kill up to 250 species of weeds, including the dandelions and crabgrass. Its slow-release fertilizers are expected to feed the lawn for the maximum duration of 8 weeks, which means that you must revise its application every two months.

USE- You must use a broadcast spreader to apply the granules every two months. If you face constant weed problems with your lawn, consider applying it every month until you outreach control over them.


Kills over 250 different varieties of weeds while fertilizing your lawnRequired to revise the application every two months, NOT A ONE-SHOT SOLUTION
Removes the weed from down their roots 
Easy to apply 
Makes the lawn thicker and healthier 
Available in 3 different sizes 
Works up to 8 weeks with a slow release of nitrogen 

3. Espoma Organic Weed Preventer Plus Lawn Food

With its outstanding ability to balance the safety and effectiveness of organic fertilizers, the Espoma Organic Weed Preventer Plus Lawn Food makes an excellent option for your yard’s good health.

The product comes being an entirely pet-friendly option that is equally friendly towards any other living organism resting on your lawn. Not just this, but in addition to the 100% corn gluten meal composition, the box comes occupied with an approximate 9% nitrogen content meant to ensure an excellent level of lawn fertilization.

The product can provenly kill an entire family of weeds including catchweed bedstraw, common lambs quarters, wolly cup grass, dandelion, purslane, shattercane, redroot pigweed, velvetleaf, , barnyard grass, black medic, annual bluegrass, black nightshade, buckhorn plantain,  giant foxtail, green foxtail, curly dock, large crabgrass, orchardgrass, quackgrass, smooth crabgrass, and yellow foxtail.

USE- apply the product on a dry and freshly mown lawn using a drop or broadcast spreader. Water the lawn lightly after application and use the product twice a year to see the best results.


Made of 100% corn gluten mealTakes a while to start working
Long-lasting productIt’s hard to find in the market
Provenly effective against a wide assortment of weeds 
Easy to apply 
Pet-friendly option 

4. Westland Child and Pet-Friendly Organic Weed & feed

Are you looking for a child and pet-friendly formula to get rid of weeds? If that is the case, then you must consider this remarkable product from Westland that smartly prevents weed growth while naturally nourishing the lawn with healthy nutrients. The fast-action formula employs friendly bacterias that break down the weeds and moss while providing adequate nutrients to your lawn.

Not just this, but the added lawn seeds in this organic fertilizer make your lawn greener in just one week of its application. The Westland Child and Pet-Friendly Organic Weed & feed allows the grass seeds to germinate in order to fill the bald patches, thus making them stronger, thicker, and capable of overtaking the weeds and moss.

USE- Evenly cover the lawn by applying 35 grams of the product granules per square meter of your lawn area when the grass seems to be actively growing. Double the amount for the best results and apply every once between February to September.


Quick and efficient resultsSmelly product (due to the use of organic materials)
Made of organic ingredientsAvailable only in the UK
Pet-friendly and child-safe product 
Ideal for a freshly sown lawn 

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5. Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Weed & feed Spray

With the easiest application facility the Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Weed & feed Spray quickly boost your lawn with nitrogen while eliminating the presence of weeds. The product can be utilized throughout the year by just getting the applicator attached to the lawn spray and hose, irrespective of the season. Additionally, the product is provenly safe to use around children and pets.

It can be used almost over any type of grass while eliminating a complete range of weeds including buckhorn, ground ivy, knotweed, etc.

USE- all you are expected to do is to connect the top of the bottle with your hosepipe, thereby using it as a trigger to treat the target areas of your lawn. One bottle of the Scotts Liquid Turf Builder Weed & feed Spray is expected to cover around 6000 sq. ft of lawn area.


Provenly efficient on all grass typesSuitable for smaller areas of lawn
Known to kill clover and other similar weedsExpensive on a comparison with granules
Boosts your lawn with nitrogen in no timeMight require 2-3 applications to entirely eliminate the weeds
Covers up to 6000 sq. ft of yard 
Easy to use with a hose spray applicator bottle 
Satisfaction guaranteed 

6. Greenview Fairway Formula Fertilizer + Crabgrass Preventer

This exceptional combination of slow-releasing and quick-release components from the Greenview Fairway is your one-stop-shop for maximum lawn problems. With its outstanding formula, the product is expected to fertilize your lawn while eliminating more than 200 lawn weeds species and preventing the growth of crabgrass for around 12 weeks.

The product is expected to best suit a lawn that is well established with a nourished root system and cool-season grasses. Applying it on fresh grass might not be a good idea since it might prevent the grass from growing to its full potential.

USE- apply this granule type product during the early springtime using a drop or broadcast spreader. Make sure the lawn is mild wet before you apply. Wait for around 3 days to mow the grass.


Nourishes the grass for a maximum duration of 12 weeksSuitable for established lawns
Eliminates over 200 species of lawn weedsCan be dangerous for and carpet grass and St.Augustine
Best for cool-season grasses 
Covers up to 15000 sq. ft of yard 
No need to apply frequently 
Excellent results in 1 month 

7. Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Weed & feed

A yet another take by an already established brand, Miracle-Gro, is this absolutely outstanding product that offers a 4 in 1 formula to help your lawn absorb the water and nutrients more efficiently in order to endure the drought and heat.

While the Miracle-Gro EverGreen Complete 4-in-1 Weed & feedtakes more than average time to take effect, the results are undeniably exceptional.

USE- Apply the product evenly using a drop spreader with 35 grams per sq.m. to ensure the distribution of treatment precisely across the lawn. Wait until 2 days to water the lawn and, make sure the product has dried well before allowing your pet or children to use the area.


Efficient in killing mossCan take a longer time to show results
Provides protection against the heatA strong metallic smell might be a cause of worry

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Each product reviewed in this blog makes a great option if you are looking for an escape from a weeded lawn. Whatever the product you choose, excellent results are a guarantee.

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